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Useful websites

Net Aware: Your guide to the social networks your kids use Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world.

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NSPCC Share Aware: It can be hard to keep track of what your child is doing on social networks, apps and games. Or know how to keep them safe.

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A Parents' Guide to Being Share Aware: Helping you to keep your child safe online.

Visit A Parents' Guide to Being Share Aware Site

In an every changing digital world it is important that we try to learn to educate and guide our children to stay safe online.

Understanding Parental Controls: Parental controls are a great tool to help protect your children online. There’s plenty of advice available to help you using them may not be as difficult as you first thought and there is help available.

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Keeping your Under 5-year-old safe online: Whether it’s watching videos, playing games on their devices or talking to Alexa – today’s under 5s are spending more and more time online. Within this article we highlight some of the benefits of young children accessing the internet, and share some key advice about how to make sure your child has a positive and safe experience online.

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