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AcSEED Award

We delighted that we have been recognised by The AcSEED Award. This accreditation provides confidence that the school is well-equipped to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of your students.

The assessor made the following comments:

"The AcSEED application process usually requires a second phase in which we request further clarifications and items of evidence. In this case the information provided in the self-assessment form was well structured and clear, and all of the evidence we wanted to inspect was found on the academy's excellent website. Thus this is a rare occasion where we have been able to award accreditation from a single pass review."


The following strengths were identified:

The AcSEED review team were particularly impressed with:

  1. Clear plans for continuous improvement through SDP.
  2. Comprehensive and well written Mental Health and Wellbeing policy, available on academy website for (prospective) pupils and parents to access.
  3. Local Advisory Board monitoring of outcomes and staff wellbeing.
  4. Use of CPOMS.
  5. Good range of mental health and wellbeing education.
  6. Comprehensive and informative safeguarding and wellbeing hub on academy website, including valuable signposting. Information usefully partitioned into sections for pupils, staff, and parents.
  7. ‘No Outsiders’ scheme focused on acceptance of diversity.
  8. Information on wellbeing and services available throughout school and on academy website.
  9. Worry boxes.
  10. Play and Lego therapy sessions.
  11. Use of Boxall Profiles.
  12. Trained Mental Health First Aider.
  13. Use of MindED for staff training.
  14. Additional relevant wellbeing training as needed to support specific pupil circumstances.
  15. Dedicated staff wellbeing policy with focus on work-life balance.
  16. Plans to extend number of staff with mental health qualifications.

We are pleased to receive this accreditation as we have the belief that happy children learn and the award recognises our commitment to supporting the wellbeing of children. Thank you to all of our staff members for their hard work.