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Useful Forms

Here are some useful forms which parents can print off and use.

(Paper copies are available at the school office during usual opening hours.)



Wherever possible, parents should ask their GP to prescribe medication in dose frequencies which enable it to be taken outside school hours. However, if parents wish the school to administer the medication (in loco parentis) they should give the school office a written request using a completed medication form.

Walking Home Alone

Parents are legally obliged to ensure their children get to school and attend regularly, but this in itself does not disallow independent travel. However as a school we are responsible for the welfare of our pupils and therefore have to consider what we believe is good practice in ensuring the safety of our pupils. We also have an obligation to alert relevant authorities should we believe a child’s welfare is at risk.

There is no set age when children are ready to walk to school or home on their own. It very much depends upon their maturity and confidence. Therefore as regards to pupils in upper KS2 (year 5 and 6), we believe that you as parents need to decide whether your child is ready for this responsibility.

Mobile Phones & Devices

Children in Years Five and Six only will be permitted to bring a mobile phone/tablet/smart watch to school where parents and class teachers are in agreement. Parents must complete a request form explaining the reasons why their child should bring a device into school. These forms only need to be completed once a year so that the school has a record of the agreement. Children in classes from Reception to Year Four are not permitted to bring a mobile phone to school. The school accepts no liability for loss or damage to any device brought to school.


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