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Who's Who

School Leadership Team

Role Name


WistastonJC 303

Mrs Cathy Elsley

Vice Principal

S Watson 2023

Mrs Steph Watson

Key Stage Two Lead

Wistaston Church Lane 6347

Mrs Angela Culshaw

Key Stage One Lead

WistastonJC 004

Miss Laura Baugh

Early Years Lead

S Earl 2023

Mrs Sally Earl


Wistaston Church Lane 6516

Miss Anna Willington



Teaching Team




Mrs Rimmer 


Mrs Clyne and Miss Longhorn      

Year One

Miss Jones, Miss Hulme and Mrs Sutton           

Year Two

Miss Baugh and Miss Hillard         

Year Three

Mrs Lawrie and Miss Davenport           

Year Four

Mrs Culshaw and Miss Smith 

Year Five

Mrs Storey and Mrs Horan          

Year Six

Miss Willington, Mrs Watson and Mrs Dunbobbin                  



Teaching Support Team

Class Cover Teaching Assistants:

Miss Blackledge, Miss Friesner, Mrs Valente, and Mr Farrall 

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Amson, Miss Bateman, Mrs Dyde, Miss Gray, Mrs Machin, Mrs Palin, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Simpson, Mrs Pownall, Miss Valente,  and Miss Wright, Miss Goddard and Miss Godfrey.

Office & Finance Team

Role Name
Business Support Officer Mrs Hulme
Office Team Mrs Wood and Mrs Loton

Site Team

Role Name
Site Manager Mr Bickerton
Assistant Caretaker Mr Bickerton
Cleaners Supplied by Service Master Ltd
IT Support Mr Elford

Swan Stars Team (Before and After School Care)

Role Name
Manager Miss Stones
Deputy Manager Mrs Simons
Play Worker Miss Stubbs
Play Worker Mrs Breeze
Play Worker Mrs Lewis

Lunch Time Team

School Cook:

Mrs Baker and team, supplied by Mellors Ltd

Lunchtime Supervisor:

Mrs Lewis

Lunchtime Assistants:

Mrs Beamon, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Price, Mrs Preston, Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Sandland, Mrs Wright

Local Governing Body

Role Name
Chair Dr Skidmore
Vice-Chair Mr Finnigan

Mrs Elsley
Mrs Hulett
Mr Hodson